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Bel Marina Hoi An Resort

The Traditional Performing Arts House – 6 mins

Walking around the Old Quarter of Hoi An, tourists are always fascinated by endless reminiscences of a past time when the old town was a major commercial port, a center of cultural blend among Vietnamese, Chinese and Japanese. For those who want to picture these streams of history the most, the Hoi An Traditional Art Performance Theatre is definitely a place to go.

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The theater, which offers live performances of Vietnamese folk music and folk dance, is located on Nguyen Thai Hoc Street. The show here is free if you have paid the entrance fee into the town (this ticket allows a tourist to see 5 attractions, sites or shows inside the town) and takes place from 9:00 to 22:00 everyday.

Though being a little small and not quite comfortable, this cozy venue does a good job creating an exceptional background for viewers since they can see the facial expressions of the performers, every twitch of the wrists, and the intricate designs on the costumes and musical instruments. Enthusiastic, emotional and professional are what we can talk about the artists on these shows. Throughout the show, the performers bring about life to the many artifacts and relics that exist everywhere in this small town, from houses to houses. The music, dance, instruments and costumes perfectly complement all the historical sites in Hoi An. In addition, pay attention to “Dan bau” – an one-stringed Vietnamese musical instrument, whose sound is really appealing.

Don’t bother if you do not understand the English introductions for each song, as the sounds and movements can speak themselves. Hence, there’s no need to wait, just remember to reserve one of your coupons to enter this theatre and be ready to be in tune with the very nice taste of Vietnamese traditional culture.

Operating hours: 10:15 – 16:15

Address: 66 Bach Dang, Minh An Ward, Hoi An City, Quang Nam Province

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