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Bai Choi Vietnamese Folkgame – 2 mins

Bai choi Hoi An is a unique folklore game of Vietnam’s central region. In the later days, it became a signature art form of theatrical singing.

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Watching Bai choi is a whole new experience and attractive in your trip in Hoi An. If Quan Ho is the art of the Northern, and Don Ca Tai Tu (Southern amateur music) represents the Southern, then Bai Choi is a child of the Central region. Stop by the Ancient Town and listen to the unforgettable lyrical traditional sound of Bai Choi.

Bai Choi simply is playing cards at a shelter, hence ‘Chòi’ in Vietnamese. Organize on a large piece of land by the poetic Hoai river. Leaving the past of putting up the game on special occasions, you can now witness this masterpiece every night at the Hoi An Ancient Town.

Bai Choi is a traditional folk game that brought the life and cultural aspects of the people of the Central region, from Quang Binh to Binh Thuan. Bai Choi is registered by UNESCO as the official Mankind intangible cultural heritage representation.

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